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About the Editions

Open Editions and Limited Editions

Open Edition prints are the most affordable version of the works. They are not pre-signed and are not numbered and are generally printed upon request and shipped to you in whatever manner of finishing you prefer, that we offer. Also the open editions as mention before can be purchased at my account on Saatchi Art.

Limited Edition Prints are printed on an archival art stock in a limited run or edition, You would be one of 25 to own one of these print editions and no more than 25 of that particular print would be made available for sale. These are hand signed and numbered and shipped to you in whatever manner of finish you prefer, i.e., rolled, mounted, matted or framed. All of these are available only from me at this time and are controlled and produced by me in my studio.

Originals are unique one and only pieces of art, If created digitally then the original file has been destroyed after the final piece has been created. Otherwise these works are created traditionally.


We generally advise our clients to request their print purchases rolled so they can have them finished locally with their decor in mind. We print on archival stock, (if the open edition is purchased from us) and coat the limited and originals with uv protection which will allow you to display in a reasonably well lit location. We advise against any work being displayed in direct sunlight regardless of protection to ensure against eventual fading or discoloration.

We do offer a limited set of mounts, mats and framing options that we choose to compliment the work, usually on the Limited Editions and all Originals will leave the studio finished in a manner befitting the work.

Myself Sometimes painting displayed framed on a wall
Self Portrait Digital using ArtRage. Been thinking about recreating it on the easel
Digital illustration scifi using Procreate
This drawing is from one of my personal photo references. I’m going to start using more images from my personal catalog instead of the amazing image references I find on the internet. I originally got into photography so I could create a reference library for my illustration when I was still doing pen and ink and airbrush illustrations so long ago. I have tons of images I could reference and I’m going to start using that resource.
This work is a break-away effort in my work to try to incorporate more of a story than just a facial study. The background was actually a photograph I taken of a building in So. Baton Rouge near the Garden District and the man is an unlicensed reference image from Unsplash