Study, Nude with Fabric

This is a study I drew from NMA (New Masters Academy) reference image. I used Procreate with the 3rd party charcoal brushes I love so much. I wanted to work on the fabric a bit. I had sketched out this nude in gesture some time ago and came back to it, probably months after my initial sketches...
Written by
Kyle A. Vernon
Published on
August 10, 2021

Study, Nude with Fabric: A Journey in Charcoal

Digital Charcoal on Legacy Etching, Original 10.25"x 20" No Prints Available

Embarking on an artistic exploration, I present to you a study inspired by a reference image from New Masters Academy (NMA). This particular piece delves into the realm of the nude form, adorned with the intricate interplay of fabric—a study that came to life through the lens of Procreate and the beloved 3rd party charcoal brushes.

Crafting the Composition

The inspiration for this study struck from a New Masters Academy reference image, and with Procreate as my medium, I delved into the nuances of charcoal strokes. The 3rd party brushes added a layer of familiarity, echoing the artist's preferred tools. The focus of this study extended beyond the nude form; the artist aimed to refine the portrayal of fabric, infusing life and texture into its folds.

"This is a study I drew from NMA (New Masters Academy) reference image. I used Procreate with the 3rd party charcoal brushes I love so much. I wanted to work on the fabric a bit."

A Return to Gesture: Evolution of the Sketch

The inception of this study began with a gesture sketch of the nude form, an initial exploration that was revisited months later. The evolving nature of the artist's relationship with the piece allowed for refinement and a renewed perspective. The outcome reflects a sense of satisfaction, although the artist expresses a desire for more opportunities to delve into nude studies.

"I had sketched out this nude in gesture some time ago and came back to it, probably months after my initial sketches. I’m generally happy with the outcome, I’d like to do more nudes..."

The Quest for Life Drawing

The artist yearns for the immersive experience of life drawing, seeking the energy and spontaneity that comes with a local group. While the digital realm offers possibilities, the preference leans toward finding a community of fellow artists for regular, in-person life drawing sessions.

"...but I haven’t had the opportunity to join a life drawing group here locally, and I don’t really like using Zoom. I did try it once and achieved some reasonable results but I’d really like to find a local group that does weekly or even monthly life drawings."

Unveiling the Process: A Video Edit in the Works

As a bonus to this study, the artist hints at the existence of a video capturing the creation process. While acknowledging the need for a good edit, the promise of sharing this behind-the-scenes glimpse adds an exciting layer to the artistic journey.

"I think I have video on this one but it probably needs a good edit. I‘ll upload it when I get a chance."

Stay tuned for the upcoming video and more explorations into the captivating world of artistic studies and nude forms.

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