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I named this portrait Coach but failed to get a proper name for the gentleman whose image I've referenced and have since not been able to find. His face is familiar to me from my childhood at Wilberforce and Central State University and I found it while researching notable persons from the schools for subjects of my artwork. I'll continue to look and if I do find it this name will change. He may not even be a coach, but he does have that coach look. I wish my mother or step father were here, they'd tell me exactly who this distinguished gentleman is. If any of my old friends have a clue, please drop me a line.

I started out this portrait using a vellum textured digital substrate and an assortment of digital graphite brushes in Procreate. I then ported the drawing over to a different background, one that I have gotten accustom to using with 3rd party charcoal brushes. This allowed me to emphasize the highlights a bit more even though the reference was on a blown out white background.

I did end up using some color in one iteration of the piece but decided to keep it simple in black and white. Attached is the video showing the drawing from start to finish. No music or narration... maybe when I get more interested in adding these sometime down the road.

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