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In summary, I am an image maker with a degree in Visual Communications. I have worked in some major markets Las Vegas, Atlanta, New Orleans, and South Florida as a commercial print and web designer, illustrator and photographer. I don't want people to get the impression that I am a jack of all trades, there are somethings I do better than others when I draw, paint or take photographs.  I will highlight or at least touch on a few of those different mediums somewhere in this site because I realize some of you are here to see very specific qualities for projects you have in mind. Hopefully you see something you like in one form or another, even if all you get out of it is "that's nice" send me a note on fb or id or through the comments and let me know. I love creating, I've had a passion for art all of my life in every manifestation I have endeavored to work in.



For more information about me you can click on the link below where you can get my whole story abridged story. I think I got up to my second move to Vegas... 20+ years more left to reminisce.



Check back from time to time to see some of my new work.


The Stretch

The latest of a series of digitally created figure studies in pen & ink with watercolor. many of these will be from a model reference and are intended to be a figurative gesture and line studies


I truly enjoy drawing and painting the female figure as you will see when I begin adding to this series,



This self portrait is a digital painting sketch that I intend to finish on a large canvas. The mood of the painting speaks for itself and is consistent with some of the gloomy background self images.


Generally I am a cheerful man with an amazing sense of humor, but it's not all fun and games


Two More Weeks

One can feel the hopelessness in the desparate eyes of this digital sketch. As I go through my day to day work with the sick and injured one might surmise that this is a manifestation of emotions brought on by my work and it is. it's the look one gets when they  have spent their paycheck on payday and have two more weeks for the next.


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    Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you like my work and give me a shout if you need anything. Read more about me in the About section of the site,