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    Kyle A. Vernon

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Working out a few ideas

I have been getting more and more into utilizing my iPad Pro to render illustrations and developing designs, and even photography for use on the web. I haven't abandon print though because I'm finding more and more applications leverage the use of print formatting to be ported over to mainstream desktop design applications for finishing. I find the flexibility and freedom of working on such a portable format refreshing after years of sitting behind the desk or dragging around my laptop. occasional I will bring my laptop if it's necessary like someone needs something today. However if I'm allowed to go through my process most of the layouts and comps, rough retouching, and illustration can be executed on my iPad.

These loose illustrations are intended to be a mix of fine art and illustration. There is not a lot of hard commercial application to them and at this time I'm not sure if that's the direction I wish to go. You will find that there are several "Applied" sections included on my site to show you some of the more commercial aspects of my work. I've basically walked away from the commercial photography aspect of my work. but I still maintain the capabilities in case the occasion arises that I am in need of a specific shot to execute a project. Today I'm enjoying experimentation with my photography and testing the capabilities of my iPhone to see if I can accomplish my intended goals., which is ultimately portability.

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