The Stretch

Created in Adobe Sketch, this gestural figure drawing was later transferred to Tayasui Sketches for watercolor details. Originating from my older iPad pre-2018, I likely employed a Wacom Stylus or the old Pencil tool before the advent of the Apple Pencil. With no reference, I tested the combination of pen and ink, mimicking traditional mediums like watercolor—my go-to in the past.
Written by
Kyle A. Vernon
Published on
May 7, 2016

The Stretch: A Fusion of Gesture and Medium

In the realm of artistic experimentation, where strokes dance with abandon and colors meld in harmony, there exists a creation known as "The Stretch." This captivating figure drawing, born from the depths of digital exploration, captures the essence of gestural artistry with a fusion of Adobe Sketch and Tayasui Sketches—a testament to the evolution of creativity in the digital age.

The Stretch, Original size 38"x28"

Crafted with the humble tools of a bygone era—an old iPad, perhaps accompanied by a Wacom Stylus or the antiquated Pencil tool—The Stretch emerges as one of the pioneering works predating 2018. It stands as a testament to the artist's journey of discovery, a testament to the restless spirit seeking to push the boundaries of expression.

"In its genesis, The Stretch emerged from the artist's quest to marry the tactile allure of traditional mediums with the convenience of digital platforms."

The transition from ArtRage, with its rich textures and naturalistic brushes, to the simplicity of pen and ink with watercolor hints, marked a pivotal moment in the artist's creative odyssey.

"The figure, devoid of reference yet imbued with raw emotion, emerges from the canvas with a sense of urgency and vitality."

Each stroke, each wash of color, is a testament to the artist's commitment to authenticity—a quest to capture the fleeting essence of the human form in its purest state.

Yet, beneath the surface lies a deeper longing—a desire to transcend the limitations of free-form gesture and venture into the realm of compositional depth. The artist's musings on the inadequacy of flat prints and the quest for true medium emulation underscore a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.

"As The Stretch reaches outwards, defying the confines of its digital canvas, it beckons the viewer to join in the journey of discovery."

It is a reminder that true artistry lies not in the perfection of technique, but in the relentless pursuit of creative truth.

In conclusion, The Stretch stands as a testament to the artist's unwavering commitment to innovation and self-discovery. It is a reflection of the ever-evolving nature of creativity—an exploration of form, medium, and meaning that transcends the boundaries of time and space. And though the path forward may be uncertain, one thing remains clear: the journey of artistic exploration is a never-ending odyssey—a quest for truth, beauty, and the ineffable essence of the human experience.

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