Indubitatio Nonmalefica

Indubitatio Nonmalefica encapsulates a moment of introspection through the gaze of a young man lost in thought. Originally envisioned as a reductive linocut piece, its essence remains intact despite its current manifestation as a Giclee on a 17x22" canvas. This rendition, limited to a series of ten, captures the essence of the initial concept, promising a depth of contemplation and artistic expression.
Written by
Kyle A. Vernon
Published on
March 11, 2024

I've been watching a lot of Linocuts on Youtube lately...

I aimed to capture a moment of profound introspection through the portrayal of a young man gazing pensively into the distance. Initially conceptualized as a reductive linocut piece, I envisioned this artwork to be a testament to simplicity and precision, inviting viewers to delve into the depths of contemplation with each glance.

While the current rendition takes the form of a Giclee on a 17x22" canvas, I am pleased to say that the essence of my original vision remains unmarred. Each brushstroke and detail serves as a conduit for the emotions I sought to convey, promising viewers a journey into the realm of introspection and self-discovery.

With a limited production run of ten prints, "Indubitatio Nonmalefica" retains its exclusivity and allure, offering collectors a rare opportunity to own a piece of my introspective oeuvre. Through this artwork, I invite viewers to join me in exploring the complexities of the human experience and finding solace in moments of quiet reflection.

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