Fresh Face Study

Another iPad Charcoal Prints Available

Fresh Face Study

I think I will be going back into the hair on this one. Photo reference from Pinterest. Charcoal brush pack in Procreate. This is from a reference I saw in Pinterest. FYI none of the drawing created from someone else’s reference will be made available for sale unless the reference was used for an “approximation” in part of a more complex composition.

As stated before I am a fan of photo realism, but I don’t strive for it in my work. Still, I do studies to help me understand how I will go about creating even the most abstract or impressionistic of works. I don’t know if it is more for me, or for the people who only view my more surreal endeavors and coming away with the idea that I haven’t explored other techniques.

Here is the video of the creation of this work. I did end up going back into it and making some adjustments so it’s not the version that I posted in FB. I really like the textured papers that came with the charcoal pack, and I’ve been messing around with a number of them. If you look at the overall tone of the digital work displayed on my site you will see that there is a consistency, I must be attracted to that subdued color and using reductive techniques, spot color and white.

I would like to find a good way to carry the feel over to the easel. That’s part of my focus going forward. In the meantime the quick and easy exercises are being done on this iPad... out of sheer convenience. The techniques don’t “really” translate over to traditional styles though, it’s an approximation. Generally it is more difficult to work with in many ways, but thankfully it is easy to make adjustments and iterations, so you can go further in exploration.

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