Digital illustration scifi using ProcreatePrints Available


This was an illustration I did in Procreate with my iPad Pro early on. I was usually working in ArtRage and started experimenting with the Procreate app. I am generally pleased with the process, so much so that I actually started using Procreate almost exclusively.

What I think Artrage does better are textures and natural media but there are still some quirks about it that frustrate me, like blending, and color shifts when I use the palette knife. They have a new version out and maybe I'll give ArtRage another chance. I've seen some very beautiful work come from it and I've made a few pieces I'm proud of as well.

This illustration was a throwback to my old pre-college and college days when I wanted to illustrate for Heavy Metal Magazine. I was real big into sci-fi, H.R. Giger, Moebius, and Druillet. I dedicated a lot of time to working out wild story lines and drew up the occasional pen and ink panel but they were never to my satisfaction for consideration to be used in HM Mag, I was aware at the time that they were using mostly French/European artist at the time. I also was enthralled like everyone else in art school, with Frank Frazetta, and Kelly. And I also was big on Vargas, Elvgren, Soriyama and Olivia and fancied myself trying to push into a crevasse that wove itself between all of these. Alas I had to do real work back in 1980 and my focus shifted to work that was more condusive to making a living. I might find myself venturing back to that, even though it's out of it's time a bit, These kids are more into the Japanese styles of anime, and manga, which I never particularly cared for.

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