Blue Girl

Blue Girl done in Adobe FrescoPrints Available

Blue Girl done in Adobe Fresco.

This was actually initiated in a version of Adobe Draw shortly prior to Fresco. I enjoy fresco because it will allow me to make a mix of vector and raster images that I can then port over into Adobe Illustrator and work with it on my desktop. This particular work is from one of my personal photo references from when I had a studio in Vegas. It was a black and white series of images that I shot using reflected light in an open bay door entrance to the studio.

When I initially ventured into photography many years ago it was specifically with the intention of photographing my own references for illustration. I guess I got too involved with the medium and learning how to create a pleasing photograph. I started out in a small mom and pop custom lab as a black and white printer and doing photo restoration and retouching with air brush. This also afforded me the access to some of the equipment I needed to photograph my reference library.

All the while I’m seeing professional photographers works coming through and making prints for them with exacting instructions, and disecting the techniques they were using to achieve the wonderful images I was processing, printing and retouching.

This particular work is actually an exercise in illustrating hair in a different way than I have tried before. It’s more of a pen and ink technique if I were to execute it on an illustration board. The app format for vector line work allows you to work with bezier curves and brush shapes to very smooth strokes.

I may make this available as a signed and numbered limited edition on a light hot press illustration board. I will announce it here if and when I make it available.

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