For Claire - A facial study

This facial study began as a hair exercise. Back to the drawing board, I've found subtle hints at hair work better than meticulously drawing each strand. ProCreate brushes aid in indicating hair structure, yet I often pull back until I feel confident, until mastery is achieved. Patience is key; I'll gradually refine my approach, so please bear with me.
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June 3, 2021

For Claire - A Facial Study

This particular facial study started off as a hair exercise, I guess it’s back to the proverbial drawing board. I’ve been more successful with allowing my drawings to hint at hair in subtle ways instead of trying to draw each strand. I do have ProCreate brushes that help a great deal in indicating the hair structure but I find myself pulling it all back considerably until I feel more comfortable with it, until I feel like I’ve mastered it. I’ll slowly work my way into it so bear with me.

The reference is from a Pinterest image so I will leave it here as an exercise. My Epson scanner should be coming soon (today) so I can get more of my own transparencies in my library for references. Might take a few months, then I have to edit the ones that I might want to draw.

I created this drawing using the 3rd party graphite set as well as an alcohol ink brush set to color the background. That also has been pulled back considerably..

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