A Young Creole Woman
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A Young Creole Woman

This is a drawing using a new set of brushed I purchased for Procreate. It is called Graphite Pro and it has a set of pencils that range from 9H to 9B. It also features a paper texture that looks like a cold press surface in A4. It is an excellent combination to work on. There is also a very nice smudge preset that works very nicely with the combination. The model is a photo that was in Pinterest. There is not a lot of hard contrast and I find that with most ”model” images. They are not photographed with the artist in mind. This drawing is only an exercise to test the new brushes. I also purchased a new Watercolor Pro set by the same brush designer as well as a new Gouache Pro set by a different designer. I was sitting at home looking at my studio set up and thinking about buying a new Faber Castell Monochrome set and I started wondering if someone had built a set of graphite brushes that was set up in the XH’s through XB’s like Autodesk Sketch does. I thought about creating a brush set to match it but low and behold there was a beautifully designed set waiting on me.

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