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Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is an Open Edition Print?

Open Edition Prints:

Open Edition Prints occupy a distinct space in the realm of art reproduction, often characterized by accessibility and affordability. However, their value is notably different from that of limited edition prints.

  • Availability: Open edition prints are readily available and can be produced in large quantities as long as there is demand. This abundance tends to keep their prices lower since they are not considered rare or exclusive.
  • Lack of Rarity: Limited edition prints are often valued for their scarcity. Each print is numbered, indicating its place within a set, and the total number of prints is limited. In contrast, open edition prints have no such limitation, and there is no scarcity factor contributing to their value.
  • Mass Production: Presigned and unnumbered open edition prints are typically mass-produced, which means they lack the craftsmanship and exclusivity often associated with limited edition prints. Mass production can sometimes diminish the perceived value of the prints due to concerns about quality and uniqueness.
  • Perception and Collectibility: Collectors often place higher value on limited edition prints because they are seen as more collectible and exclusive. The limited nature of these prints adds to their appeal and desirability among art enthusiasts and collectors.

Pre-signed and unnumbered open edition prints are available in various formats to suit different preferences. They may be offered as unmounted and unframed prints shipped rolled, allowing for flexibility in framing options. Additionally, they may also be made available as downloadable files, providing a convenient digital option for those who prefer immediate access to the artwork.

Despite being generally less valuable in the art market, pre-signed and unnumbered open edition prints still hold value for individuals who appreciate the artwork itself and are not primarily concerned with its collectibility or investment potential. These prints can still serve as beautiful decorations or expressions of personal taste without the need for exclusivity or rarity.

What are Limited Edition Prints?

Limited Edition Prints:

Limited Edition Prints represent a curated selection of artworks with inherent exclusivity and collectibility, contributing to their value in the art market.

  • Scarcity and Exclusivity: Limited edition prints are produced in a specific quantity, and each print is individually numbered to denote its place within the set. The limited nature of these prints enhances their perceived value among collectors and enthusiasts.

  • Hand Signature and Numbering: Each limited edition print is typically hand-signed by the artist, adding a personal touch and authenticity to the artwork. Additionally, the prints are numbered, usually in the format "X/Y," where "X" represents the individual print's number within the edition, and "Y" represents the total number of prints in the edition. This numbering system further enhances the exclusivity and collectibility of limited edition prints.

  • Certificate of Authenticity: Limited edition prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, providing documented evidence of the artwork's origin and ensuring its legitimacy in the art market. This certificate serves as a guarantee of the print's authenticity and adds to its value and credibility among collectors.

  • Craftsmanship and Quality: Limited edition prints often undergo meticulous production processes, ensuring high-quality reproduction and attention to detail. This craftsmanship adds to their appeal and desirability in the art world.

  • Investment Potential: Limited edition prints, especially those associated with renowned artists or significant cultural movements, can appreciate in value over time. Collectors may view them as both aesthetic investments and potential financial assets.
  • Presentation and Authentication: Limited edition prints are typically accompanied by certificates of authenticity, further enhancing their value and credibility in the art market.

Limited edition prints are often framed and presented in a manner befitting their status, adding to their aesthetic appeal and perceived value as collectible artworks.

About Original Works

Original Artworks:

Original artworks represent the pinnacle of artistic expression, embodying the unique vision and creativity of the artist.

  • Offering as Originals: As an artist working in both traditional and digital media, I offer works as originals for a limited time. New works that are being showcased on my website, at a gallery, or elsewhere are first offered as originals to provide buyers with the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind piece.  This policy ensures that the integrity and exclusivity of the original artwork are preserved for the buyer.

  • Uniqueness and Authenticity: Original artworks are one-of-a-kind creations, bearing the artist's signature style, techniques, and personal imprint. This inherent uniqueness contributes to their irreplaceable value and significance in the art world.

  • Creative Process and Mastery: Original artworks often reflect the artist's mastery of their craft and the depth of their creative process. Each brushstroke or sculpted form is a testament to the artist's skill and imagination.

  • Emotional and Aesthetic Impact: Original artworks have the power to evoke profound emotions and resonate with viewers on a deeply personal level. Their ability to transcend boundaries of time and space makes them timeless treasures cherished by art enthusiasts and collectors.

  • Investment and Legacy: Original artworks, especially those by renowned artists or significant cultural figures, can appreciate significantly in value over time. They represent not only a tangible investment but also a lasting legacy that contributes to the cultural heritage of humanity.

  • Preservation and Conservation: Original artworks require careful preservation and conservation to ensure their longevity and integrity. Institutions and collectors invest in measures to protect these valuable cultural artifacts for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

These originals are always mounted, matted, and framed, or mounted on a gallery-style cradled birch board and framed, adding to their presentation and value. If a work is sold as an original, there will be no Limited Edition Prints nor will there be Open Edition Prints offered for sale.

Shipping of work

Shipping Methods:

All artwork will be shipped using a reputable US carrier, ensuring safe and reliable delivery to your location. The choice between rolled or flat shipping will depend on the specific purchase and the nature of the artwork.

  • Rolled Shipping: For certain artworks, especially larger pieces or those on paper, shipping will be done in a rolled format. This method helps prevent damage during transit and is particularly suitable for artworks that can be easily unrolled and flattened upon arrival.

  • Flat Shipping: In cases where the artwork is mounted, matted, or framed, flat shipping will be utilized. This method ensures that the artwork remains securely in place during transit and arrives ready to display without the need for additional framing or preparation.

Regardless of the shipping method, all artwork shipments will be fully insured. This insurance coverage provides protection against loss, theft, or damage during transit, giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment is safeguarded.

Both shipping methods will be carefully chosen to best preserve the integrity and quality of the artwork during transportation. Additionally, appropriate packaging materials will be used to provide added protection against any potential damage during shipping.

Upon shipment, you will receive tracking information to monitor the progress of your delivery and ensure a smooth and timely arrival of your artwork.

How does billing work?

Billing and Payment Options:

You can purchase the art directly through our website, providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience. For purchases over $250.00, we offer flexible installment payment options to accommodate your budget and preferences.

  • Direct Purchase: You have the option to purchase the artwork directly through our website's secure checkout system. This streamlined process allows you to complete your transaction efficiently and securely.

  • Installment Plans: For purchases over $250.00, we offer the convenience of installment payments. The installment plan is structured as follows:

  • Down Payment: A 33.3% down payment is required at the time of purchase to secure the artwork.

  • Subsequent Payments: The remaining balance will be divided into two equal installments, each comprising 33.3% of the total purchase amount. These payments will be due in the following two months after the initial down payment.

Our installment plan aims to make art more accessible and affordable, allowing you to enjoy your chosen artwork while managing your finances comfortably.

Upon completion of the installment payments, your artwork will be shipped promptly to your designated address.