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Welcome to my blog, I will post my individual works old and new and try to impart a little information about the who’s what’s and why’s to those who are interested. Feel free to comment on the works.


  When I was living in So Florida I photographed a lot of birds. There are quite a few wetlands and bird sanctuaries in Florida and I did a series of different species of birds and butterflies. This is one of the flamingo images that I photographed using a Nikon D2x...

Beautiful Selfie

Portrait of a friend. This is a portrait of a friend of mine in SoFla. I say friend though we've never spent any time face to face, maybe more at a distance during the occasional function. I think I have had more conversations with her through forums and facebook. We...


Going through some old files and picking out a few treasures.  I photographed quite a few models when I owned my commercial studio in Las Vegas, but none were quite as fun to photograph as Beathe. It was hard to get a bad shot on her. I did paint this image with Corel...

At Moms House

This is one of the first self portraits I created using an iPad Air. This was before Apple Pencil but I did have a stylus. I wanted this piece to be an abstraction, I was playing around with tone and trying to define a palette that will be evident in some of the work...


Here is a painting based on a photo booth image. My plan is to utilize some of these digital paintings as a basis for on canvas paintings either in oils or pastels beginning next year. They might be used as an under-painting or just reference. I'll likely revisit a...


One in a series of digital pencil/ink drawings using Adobe Draw app in iPad. I really enjoy drawing in pencil with Apple Pencil on the Draw app. Apostacy depicts a woman and a pastor. They both have a lot on their minds. Is he just passing by? Or was he there on a...

The Stretch

This nude figure drawing from my head is an exercise in line and gesture done in ArtRage and Procreate on my iPad. I’ve tried quite a few iPad apps to try to achieve a good watercolor look but it’s difficult to find one that actually acts like watercolor. The one I...

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