Yeah, this is me...

I won’t be going long on this because I’m not trying to present anything like a resume or biography. So here is the short of it. I actually wrote a couple of pages worth of bonafides on my previous site, I don‘t think anyone reads them and anyway the people who come here are usually going to be the people who already know me.
Me with a cutline filter

Nice to meet you...

I'm Kyle A. Vernon, Artist and yes Paramedic but this website is only about the former. Most of you know me. I suspect that I'll get a visit or two from my friends because they like to see what I'm up to from time to time. But if you don't know me, How are you? Feel free to subscribe to my site so you can get the occasional and rare update I'll be sending. I won't be clogging your email, believe me.

A little more about me?

I went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated in 1980. I worked at or for different ad agencies from Las Vegas to Atlanta during a 35 year span and my last creative job was as creative director of an internet publishing company, built and directed the build and maintenance of a couple of dozen websites.

I left that, and most of my freelance work a decade ago.