Portrait of a friend.

This is a portrait of a friend of mine in SoFla. I say friend though we’ve never spent any time face to face, maybe more at a distance during the occasional function. I think I have had more conversations with her through forums and facebook.

We have a mutual admiration for art and sport. She always affords herself the opportunity to upload timely images of her goings on. Some of them are great reference material. This one in particular I found to be striking, I love the red dress, and it matches her personality as far as I’d imagine it.

What better a reference to match today’s social life. The distance and the familiarity of many of todays relationships. This to me is a quick check before a night out and a playful glimpse for those of us who aren’t there. I sent a link the to painting and she asked for a print, I gave her a copy of the file without the texture so she could print it out herself.

This was painted in digital oils using ArtRage on my iPad and posted to the ArtRage page in Facebook sometime ago. Almost a year later I caught the tail end of a set of emails from an unknown source telling me this painting had been chosen for exhibit among 100 other artist, we were winners in a contest I barely remember entering. The image was to be exhibited for a month at a gallery in Palo Alto, CA. My friend and I were very pleased. I think she makes a good subject as well as a good artist.