Going through some old files and picking out a few treasures. 

I photographed quite a few models when I owned my commercial studio in Las Vegas, but none were quite as fun to photograph as Beathe. It was hard to get a bad shot on her. I did paint this image with Corel Painter and send her the file, it turned out to be a nice portrait. But I’ve stopped doing portraits… formally. Anyway I think the photograph has a lot more impact and feel.

I got a new printer, not quite as large as the 24″ printer that has a clogged head now, but it was on sale and I felt the urge to reestablish my printing capability. This particular shot made a very nice print on Exhibition Fiber and I’ll likely have it matted and framed and when I decide to start exhibiting again I’m sure this will be one of the prominent images I’d like to display. I find it tough to mix fine art (painting) and photography together in a show. I generally will show one thing or the other, but I’d like to show them together next time. So I’ll pick out a few more images, and produce a few more paintings and try to show them together to see how it works out. 

I’d be interested to know how people who paint and photograph successfully blend their vision in an exhibition.