This is one of the first self portraits I created using an iPad Air. This was before Apple Pencil but I did have a stylus. I wanted this piece to be an abstraction, I was playing around with tone and trying to define a palette that will be evident in some of the work that come after this. I think finding a style is the hardest thing when you like to play around in a range of mediums and techniques. I think I’d have to settle for perfecting one or two instead of fucking around with a dozen or so. Maybe the problem is that I can’t perfect any one of them before I try another.

Am I avoiding a narrative on this particular painting? I get distracted sometimes… more times than not. At the time of this self portrait I was in a melancholy mood at my moms house, probably feeling a bit put upon as I sometimes might, for reasons real or imagined. I’m in there, somewhere.